Learn How To Use and Create Instagram Guides To Build Your Audience and Promote Your Business"

Take the leap and start repurposing your content and adding depth to your content by creating Instagram Guides to grow your brand power


Specifically, we’re going to talk about:

* The pros and cons of Instagram Guides
* The type of content you can include in a Guide
* How to create a Guide
* Ways to share your guides
* And more!

Have you been looking for a way to share your favorite accounts, places, products, and posts without making it obvious? Being able to create a compilation of posts around a certain theme is a brilliant way to recommend content to your audience.

Inside The  Ebook Guide:

Some of the valuable information that you will learn from this eBook include:

#-Basic information about the Instagram platform

#-What Instagram guides are

#-How to use Instagram Guides

#-Knowing whether Instagram Guides are the right post type

#-Pros of Instagram guides

#-Cons of Instagram guides

#-A step-by-step method for creating guide

#-Creating different types of guides

#-Information about product guides use

#-Information about places guides

#-Information about posts guides

#-Some inspiration for guides you can create!

#-How to promote your guides

#-The mystery of the Instagram algorithm

#-How to build a following

#-Making sure you are a business account

#-Using guides to remain on-brand

#-How to tell the “success” of content

#-And so much more!